Every lady's favorite subject....

Sizing Synopsis:

1) Because we carry such a wide range of designers, it's difficult to maintain a single, true sizing system - this is why we try to provide measurements for each individual style. Please reference the measurements provided for each size in the Details tab on each product page. If the measurements were not provided for some reason, please message us HERE and we're happy to whip out the measuring tape.

3) If the sizes are numbered (e.g. 24's, 26's, 28's on jeans) you should expect those to be true to size as they are specific sizes vs general sizes (e.g. S/M/L).

4) When a style is made to be closely fitted, of course you want to pay close attention to the numbers. However, if it's an oversized cut or just made to fit really generously, you would be shocked at the range of size that these styles can accommodate so don't put too much pressure on yourself with these. Our models may be small-framed but the rest of us could put her in our pocket and we still wear the styles she's modeling, and in good taste - so don't fret when its flowy! 

Here comes the "but" - we often find that our styles can accommodate a generous fit and our affection for flowy looks allows our collection to lean more towards the typical Women's end of the sizing spectrum. 

Also - if you fall in love with an item, like a dress, and the sizing or length isn't for you - consider wearing it as a tunic! It might sound silly but we do it all...the...time.

We never pin or tuck a garment to appear more flattering on our models because, what help is that?! 

Basically Me

Here’s our dish on this line…first of all, it’s our favorite. Every piece is feminine…every piece is special. It sings to our souls…it makes us wanna dance & twirl. Our experience has been, that even though it’s a Young Contemporary line, the looks appeal to an “in between” demographic – the ones who secretly peruse the Junior’s section but aren’t quite ready to give in to the sweater set and pearls. If that sounds like you and you’re also petite – you’re good to go. Toss some Basically Me into your shopping bag! If that sounds like you and you’re tall, or even over a size 12, don’t abandon ship just yet. That’s us too…5’9, 145 lbs (mostly water, of course) so the hemline is usually better suited for a night out or celebration when a little sass is appropriate. You can always add leggings for the PTO meeting. We’ve been known to buy the Large for the extra inch in length and we’ve been known to buy a Small and wear a dress like a tunic.

Point being – if you see a piece that you just really love, don’t be afraid to see it from a different perspective. 9 times outta 10 with this line, you aren’t going to need to pour yourself into your Spanx by shoving 10lbs of sugar in a 5lb bag to look "flirty". Basically Me is classically cut for a flowing look. That means you can feel comfortable…you can breathe…you can order dessert. The shorter hem just stems from the fact that a generous cut needs an element of sexiness – otherwise it’s practically maternity wear! There’s always a conservative element with Basically Me and there’s always a sexy element. That’s what we love. A good rule of thumb is to pair daring tops with pants, jeans or long skirts and a short hemline with a conservative top. This line will always have “class” in mind and that’s one reason that we stand behind it faithfully. Basically Me is basically you!