Hello Lovelies!

Tierney here💙 I hope this finds ya’ll wild & windblown!

There’s been a lull in our usual shenanigans, while I explore an indefinite rest and reset for Wild Bleu. My atypical lil’ family is maneuvering new dynamics on the homestead and this Mama needs to be there, in every capacity. It’s not an easy decision, to stop and take a breath, but I’m confident it’s the right one.

New collections won’t be cycling but the website will remain open, with over 300 styles of stocked inventory. The majority have been marked down so there’s never been a better time for a shameless Wild Bleu binge. Our tribe is getting an extra 20% off through Easter Sunday! Using your Store Credit/Gift Card? Click below for an exclusive discount.

Over the years we’ve also acquired secondhand inventory that may have minor imperfections, been used for photoshoots, are singles, etc. These don’t make it to the website but maintain their awesomeness. I made a Facebook Group where all this random wonderment will end up, along with Wholesale options and added discounts.

Below is a quick reference for notable updates that may affect you. The topics should be more in depth on their respective pages, but this way you can cherry pick what’s relevant to you, without bouncing around the site.

Your love & support is a privilege that I hold close to my heart. Who knows where this trail is blazin’ to, but I hope you’re always part of the story.

I’ll be keepin’ ya posted!

Stay Wild & Bleu….


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