• The Marianne
  • The Marianne

The Marianne

$29.00  $65.00

  • OneSize
  • Tan

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    • Sheer chiffon off shoulder (or not)
    • Oversized Ruffled Sleeves
    • Made in America
    • Measurements Below

    Stylist Notes: Our favorite, come true, top of all time....true story. We have every color, ever made and we wear them every way possible with everything imaginable! You can wear it off the shoulder or on...tucked in or tucked out...dressed up or dressed down. It's truly transcends the generations and is acceptable for just about about any age, weight or body type. Let your shoulder bring the sexy and help yourself to dessert on date night. For anyone that loves "flowy" clothing, it's true love! 

    One Size
    Bust 70
    Waist 88
    Hips 100
    Length 24


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  • We make a custom size chart for each piece! Just scoot left to the "Details" tab and you'll find it right below the descriptions. Because we carry such a wide range of designs, each style and size is measured individually so you have true specifics. Did you know there's no industry standard for sizing? That means designers can call any size, whatever they choose. This makes references like "true to size" completely obsolete and unique to everyone's perspective. TTS is as open to interpretation as asking someone if they thinks its cute :) Only the facts are good enough for our wild, windblown women!

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