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  • This event is exclusively on location (while supplies last) so its an amazing opportunity for some serious STEALS if you’re able to attend! Our storeroom is full of random singles, samples, pieces with minor imperfections that we can’t sell “as new” but are either discreet, repairable or just need to be dry cleaned (these will be marked). They’ll all be included in our Fill The Bag collection, street-side in our fashion truck! We’ll be posting sneaky peeks the week of, so don’t go too far ;) 
    Rules are posted below but one last detail that you’ll want in on, is our SWAG BAG giveaway! We only have so many bags available, since this collection is limited, but you can purchase one in advance, here on our website - this automatically enters you for a chance to win our Swag Bag! The dandy perks include skipping to the front of the line when you arrive, a free canvas Rockmount Ranch Wear bag with our logo on the reverse side and it’ll be full as a tick with Wild Bleu goodies! You’ll feel like the grande dame that you are! Winner will be announced on Thursday, June 22nd 5:00pm (CST).

    How it works:
    When you arrive Friday, proceed to the showroom to purchase your bag of choice (while supplies last) or pick up your ready & waiting bag that you reserved online. Wait in line at the back of the truck until its your turn to pillage & plunder!

    ~Wild Bleu reserves the right to amend or cancel this promotion at any time
    ~You can shove & fold to fill that bag full but it cannot rip or tear and must staple closed all the way across
    ~tight rolling is not allowed, items must be folded
    only items inside the truck are included in the Fill The Bag event
    ~all bags will be checked at the truck’s checkout counter
    ~items will be removed if we're unable staple the bag shut 
    ~limit 3 bags per customer, while supplies last.
    ~no dressing rooms will be available to use for the fill the bag event 
    ~all sales are final 
  • We Ship Via USPS

    First Class up to 10 days* $2.50 - $4.95**
    Priority (FREE over $75)
    2-5 days* $7.95
    Express 1-2 days calculated at checkout**
    International Please Read calculated at checkout**

    *Business Days (Mon-Fri)

    **Options at checkout are based on weight & shipping address

    More details, please!

  • We make a custom size chart for each piece! Just scoot left to the "Details" tab and you'll find it right below the descriptions. Because we carry such a wide range of designs, each style and size is measured individually so you have true specifics. Did you know there's no industry standard for sizing? That means designers can call any size, whatever they choose. This makes references like "true to size" completely obsolete and unique to everyone's perspective. TTS is as open to interpretation as asking someone if they thinks its cute :) Only the facts are good enough for our wild, windblown women!

  • Call or Text 903.427.1558 hello@shopwildbleu.com