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Insta FAQ's

How do I order?

Posted styles are available for purchase, here on the the website, until they sell out. The quickest route to access a specific style is to input it's Name in our Search Box here.

Can I just comment my email address to order?

We try not to take orders via Instagram posts for several reasons. Mainly to protect your personal information from unscrupulous trolls AND website listings include all sorts of pertinent information about your item that we couldn't possibly fit into one Insta post {e.g. extra photos, model info, garment details, available sizes, options, etc}. If you really just prefer the convenience of getting on with your day, we get it! Register an account with us here and simply comment your name and size preference - we'll use the email address from your account to send an invoice BUT, please know that because Instagram is not a legitimate sales platform for Wild Bleu, we cannot guarantee availability or calling dibs via social media comments. We'll do our best to accommodate but por favor, if it's important, use the website or call the store! 

How does sizing run?

See here