About Wild Bleu

Well, hello!

However you found us – we’re so glad you’re here. Welcome!

Wild Bleu originated as a diverse, boutique collection, dreamt to fruition by ourselves - Tierney & Leslie....sister friends who saw something we loved and hoped you might love it too. The name of our haven is a tribute to our babies, Berkleigh Bleu (Leslie's) and Barron Bleu (Tierney's)...whose wild-hearted, bare-foot, bleu-eyed, milk & honey, little lives are a constant reminder of the chaos that inspires us.

Our omni-channel mercantile is a fetching menagerie of exclusive, handcrafted leather work, modern-day heirlooms, feminine silhouettes & tinges that nod to our decadent western heritage. We adore anything that is simply unique, vintage inspired or hard to acquire. If you find something to call your own at Wild Bleu - we hope you walk tall.... we hope you get compliments... we hope it channels the ”beauty” that is your soul.

Laissez le bon temps rouler!

Tierney Perkins Wild Bleu